Reid Peppard Taxidermy Accessories

Ever fancied yourself a squirrel tail bracelet? No.. perhaps a rat bowtie? Maybe even a pigeon head brooch? Well, in the case that you did.. artist and taxidermist Reid Peppard has got it covered. Borrowing from a furry menagerie of critters, Peppard has brought to life a collection of purses, headwear and jewellery.

But are these rodent accessories of taste? Perhaps not for some. As an avid taxidermy lover myself with my very own duckling, I have to say I would not say no to donning a mighty crow crown.. however I appreciate, perhaps it is somewhat of an acquired taste.

As always, you bag ladies are the judges..

If you want to feast your eyes on even more taxidermy sweetness, head over to the official website here.