Vintage Lucy in Disguise Bags

I admit, I'm somewhat of a vintage bunny. I'm a sucker for snapping up that unnecessary turban that I'll probably never wear from Beyond Retro and hunting out anything polka dot from the 50's in any flea market. This week, my lusting is all thanks to Miss Lily Rose Cooper's vintage wonder Lucy in Disguise. I've picked out just three of the many bags that have tickled my fancy..

1. Pink 1960's Woven Briefcase £125

This little beauty is fresh out of Barbie's wardrobe in adorable, pink plastic, woven cuteness. Team up with strappy sandals, a tea dress and a clotted cream scone - perfection!

2. Black 1950's Placename Handbag £120

This bag allows you to look super-cool as well as boasting about your travels in true, solid gold emblem-style.. 'Piccadilly'.. 'Fifth Avenue'..

3.Delicate 1940's Tapestry Bag £65

Hell-o 1940s! Tapestry never got so twee.. I can't get enough of this little, delicate sweetie.

Help me resist the vintage temptation by snapping up these one-of-a-kinds so I can't, and if you fancy a fancy frock to go with 'em? Right here baby..