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Christian Louboutin is one designer that does 'fun' looks particularly well, and we love the way he's taken what is normally a cheap, plasticky looking item - the beach bag - and rendered it perfectly in premium materials. Like a posh re-working of a nursery desert, it takes all of the familiar elements of the throwaway look and makes them really special.

The end result is achieved through teaming Barbie pink translucent PVC with criss-crossing stripes of white leather, arranged bandage-style all over the surface of the bag. The edges are sealed together in watertight piping in eye-popping leather piping, and a row of sunny gold studs completes the look.

The bag, which is called the 'Padam' is priced at £895 from Net-a-Porter. It has heaps of room inside, as well as a generous zip-up compartment for storing valuables.

Don't you want to take Christian Louboutin to the beach this summer?