As Radley replaces Mulberry as designer of the tote bags given to the fashion press at LFW, the label's legendary designer dustbags have become collector's items. These limited edition shopper bags regularly crop up on eBay, and if you've got the full set you're probably a true Fashion Week old timer. But can you remember what all the Mulberry LFW totes looked like?

We rounded up images of all the London Fashion Week Mulberry totes we could find, including the early ones from 2008. Over the years they've featured gnomes, big hairy monsters, cute bunny rabbits and foxes and leopard print. Most have echoed the hallmarks of a contemporary Mulberry key trend, and all have been the apple of every fashion blogger's eye! Of course, there was that one dark year when the bags were not given out to bloggers, but all has been forgotten now (almost).

Click on the image above to see them all!