jordan askill jewellery.jpg

We love a good high street/designer mash up, and the latest great collaboration on our radar is Jordan Askill's small but perfectly-formed capsule collection for Topshop. The sculptor and jewellery designer has created a range of rings and necklaces for the chain, all inspired by ancient Egypt and delicately cut for a note of true designer quality. Prices start at just £25, and we can see these becoming genuine collector's pieces.

Described as 'Cinderella meets Cleopatra', key pieces include delicate rings with heart and cloud motifs, charm necklaces with intricate detailing and bold, panther detail rings with slimline chains attached. Askill said of his collection: "each piece is precious like a locket or detachable pendants that you can keep with you or pass on to a friend" - and we certainly agree with that sentiment!

Here are a few of our favourites:
jordan askill cloud ring.png
Cloud ring by Jordan Askill, £25 at Topshop >>

panther ring jordan askill.jpgPanther Ring, £45 at Tophop >>
Charm Bracelet, £50 at Topshop >>