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We've got to admit that of all the designer collaborations that have come and gone over the years, 'Lulu Guinness X Minnie Mouse' has got to be among the most exciting pairing of all time. Here are two brands with a playful yet thoroughly stylish attitude to life, coming together to create a delightful collection that will have you diving for your credit card!

Pictured above, the shamelessly whimsical bags created by Lulu Guinness come in two sizes: large, and 'minnie'! (groan all you like, but we think it had to be done). The bags incorporate Minnie's signature style with its polka-dots and bright red bow into Guiness' much loved accessory prowess, and the result is pure Disney magic with a real touch of class. The Gold lipstick zip-pulls remind us that this is still very much a Lulu Guinness piece!

Lulu said of the iconic character: "I think if you're in fashion you love her because she's feminine. She's the one that makes it more fun, she's Mickey's girlfriend. She's very appealing."

The bags are part of a collection by various designers to be formally unveiled at London Fashion Week: they will be auctioned as a set on eBay to support the BFC/ Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation. Bids currently stand at £310.