Crystal-embellished resin brooch.jpg

In general, lips do well in the fashion world. The most famous example of this is the lips clutch bag by Lulu Guinness. A celeb favourite and one of the most lusted after bags in the world, the lips clutch has become a cult product. 

I've seen quite a few similar styles on the high street. But now Lanvin has tried to duplicate the style. Er, and the results are a bit scary.

The Lulu Guinness style worked well before the full lips represented glamour. Adding in some sparkly teeth, as Lanvin have done in their Crystal-embellishes resin brooch, has taken it to a slightly creepier level. Also, is it just me, or does it look much cheaper because of it? Especially considering the size of the price tag.

What do you think? Give us your vote in the poll below. If you're a yay, you can order it from Net-a-Porter for £405.