Lauren Egen writes...

Sport and casual wear have hit back this summer and they're leading the way as one of the key trends for this year. Just as we've been thrown into the London 2012 Olympics, it seems only right to focus on the new, Olympic appropriate 'it' bags of the season. Minimalistic and practical, the new sporty, duffle style bags have taken over the high street as well as some of the top designer collections, even featuring at one of our favourite brands, Mulberry.

These back to basic bags combine style and sport perfectly and make carrying your belongings effortless with their straightforward, "holdall" designs. As a useful, sporty bag is all you'll need this season, we've carefully selected ten of our favourite duffle styles to help you out when searching for the perfect one. They've made our lives easier so we're doing the same for you!

Whether you're in need of a backpack with a modern twist, a fun, sporty tote or just a simplistic duffle, we're sure you'll be pleased with our top picks for these particularly sporty few weeks. Each one fits our criteria so hopefully they'll fit yours too.

Click on our gallery above to check out our top ten sporty bag buys.