It's handbags at dawn as the Bag Lady Editors Emma and Amy battle it out over printed or plain bags! This weeks debate has been sparked by Zatchels!

Team Plain (Amy)

plainbag.jpgI know this is going to sound boring to those of you who love nothing more than clashing as many prints as possible, but I really don't like printed hadbags. Let me start by saying that it's not print I have a problem with - like every other fashion obsessed girl, I love Mary Katrantzou's graphic dresses, I'm a sucker for Cath Kidston's home ware, and I have a whole rail of vintage floral prints in my wardrobe. I want a beautiful plain bag to complement my patterned clothes, not to clash with it, and as I tend to use one bag over and over again until it dies, having a plain one doesn't limit my outfit choices.

Plain doesn't have to be bland - take this pretty pastel satchel for instance. It's bang on trend with its soft hue and classic design, and it will go with everything I already own. It would take an impressive bag to beat this stylish beauty, so until you can show me a printed bag that doesn't remind me of being 13, I'm sticking with plain!

Team Pattern (Emma)

printbag.jpgI'll admit it - patterns can be tricky to pull off. Especially if you're a pale-skinned redhead like me (oranges and yellows are my mortal enemy - or at least relegated to footwear). And yet, my wardrobe is full of patterned dresses, tops, bags and scarves. I can't get enough! I think part of my love for patterns comes from there being so many patterns to choose from. From Cath Kidston's floral prints and stars to the more bold looks from Pucci. When I'm out shopping, it's usually the brightly patterned dress in the corner that catches my eye, rather than the coloured jeans or pastel tops.

For me, patterns are young, fun and fabulously girly. Which is why, for me, it's all about this colourful Zatchel. It combines all my favourite trends of the moment - a floral satchel in pastel colours - and I'm sure it'll pick up more than a few compliments. Patterns are particularly great for accessories. Wearing an all-black outfit? Sometimes a pop of colour just won't do - you need something that boasts a rainbow of colours - or at least a quirky pattern.

So, which do you give the Yay to? Plain or patterned? Give us your vote below!