Perhaps there's something in the air, but all of my friends seem to be proposing or getting married at the moment (no Mum, not me) and my wardrobe is beginning to feel the strain.

My housemate and I starting talking about the consequences of being invited to a wedding last week after we realised that between us we have more than a handful to attend before the year is out. There's the travel, the room for the weekend, the food, the outfit, the accessories...yes, being a guest can often feel more stressful than being a bridesmaid! If you've been invited to a lot of weddings this year, it can be tempting to buy a whole new outfit for each occasion - which is not only expensive, but will most likely promote an argument between you and your boyfriend who gets to wear the same suit for every wedding apart from his own. If you're not lucky enough to have a fashionable housemate or a group of girlfriends willing to loan you a new handbag or a different pair of shoes, then I suggest choosing one dress from your existing wardrobe and re-accessorising it each time to create a different look. Below are some cute accessories themed for a variety of weddings to give you some inspiration!

Unfortunately you can't always guarantee good weather for the big day, especially if you're heading to an outdoor wedding in the UK! These cute accessories will ensure you still look the part even if the heavens open during the vows.


  • Yellow leather clutch £60 from ASOS
  • Evedon wellies with bow £64.95 from Joules
  • Cath Kidston rose umbrella £30 from Brollies Galore
  • Anya Hindmarch camera case £90 from Net-A-Porter
  • Pink suede gloves £20 from ASOS
  • Love me not necklace £3.75 from Topshop

    We all have one friend who spends more on their wedding than you'd spend on a down payment for a house. Despite their spending habits (of which we're secretly envious) we love them anyway, and intend to sparkle with some gorgeous accessories.

  • Chloé Sally Swarovski clutch £ 2,560 from Net-A-Porter
  • Pilot curved wedges £60 from Topshop
  • Marc Jacobs black and rose gold watch £279 from ASOS
  • Diane von Furstenberg metallic belt £175 from Net-A-Porter
  • Opaque black tights £6 from Topshop

    For those heading to an intimate ceremony for close friends and family, pretty, low-key accessories are the way to go; nobody wants to look over dressed/upstage the bride!

  • Satin cube clutch £30 from Accessorize
  • French sole patent pumps £105 from Topshop
  • Enamel daisy headband £3.99 from New Look
  • Gem stone ring £3.99 from H&M
  • Powder Room lipstick £7 from Topshop
  • Ted Baker bow belt £39 from ASOS