Animals seem to be on a cycle in the fashion world - one minute you're quite happily wearing squirrels on your shirt, when all of a sudden another particularly cute creature will spring up and take over, appearing on everything from dresses and jumpers to jewellery and even shoes.

For over a year now the owl has reigned supreme, and it shows no sign of moving over any time soon. Sneaking up on our feathered friend however is the cat, which is slowly but surely moving in for the kill. With fashion icon Victoria Beckham featuring cute kitten printed dresses in her 'Victoria' line, we've no doubt that the cat will eventually take over the owl and become fashions newest animal crush.

With the sheer amount of animal inspired jewellery on the high street, it can be difficult to find pieces that will transcend through the seasons, but luckily for you, we found these delicate pendants from Whistles featuring both of our favourite animals! The necklaces balance cute and whimsical with simplicity and class, and for £35, it doesn't cost the earth to look the cat's pyjamas! Wear them together for a quirky take on the trend. Pea green boat optional.