Whilst looking for some quirky yet elegant jewellery I thought Doctor Who star Karen Gillan might like yesterday, I came across French jewellery designer, Mathias Chaize.

Influenced by his time spent working alongside artisans in Bali, Chaize creates refreshing pieces with a romantic edge. His simple collections embrace both his patriotic pride and his playful, well travelled side, and I can already envisage fashion girls like Fearne Cotton and Daisy Lowe teaming his jewellery with ripped denim shorts and floaty fabrics for that summer festival/bohemian look.

I don't often find myself lusting after bracelets (I'm more of a necklace junkie) but Chaize's braided beauties are calling out to me with their simplistic design and conversational stamped plaques. I love how easy these bracelets are to wear; with that gold hardware element, they have the capacity to accessorise any outfit, day or night. Prices range from a reasonable £50 to a flash £105, so they'll certainly appeal to everyone - personally, my favourite piece is the cheapest, inscribed with, "I never read I just look at the pictures".

You can see more of Chaize's trinkets including his necklaces and rings over at Net-a-porter.