CHARLOTTE OLYMPIALeaf two-tone leather clutch.jpg
Ok, I only wrote about Charlotte Olympia yesterday, but I had to share this Leaf Two-Tone Leather Clutch. Spring is just around the corner (look outside, that bright ball of light is the SUN!), and this clutch couldn't really be more spring-like. 

Sure, carrying it around might make you look like an extra from A Bug's Life, but it's so cute! Charlotte Olympia is know for whimsical, fun designs, and this really falls into that category. 

The attention to detail is impressive too. Turn it over, and the other side of the bag has a lighter colour like the underside of a leaf. If you don't fancy holding it all day, it does come with a handy strap.

This clutch will go wonderfully with the fun, colourful pastels that are everywhere now. I'd love to see it teamed with a light green dress, or clashed with a light pink top and indigo jeans.

What would you pair this Charlotte Olympia clutch with?