Even if you haven't read Suzanne Collins best selling trilogy, The Hunger Games, it's more than likely that you've seen the trailers, noticed the billboards, or overheard the girls in the office talking about it.

The highly anticipated movie adaptation (which hits cinemas tomorrow) has already generated a huge buzz, not just for its killer storyline but for its fashion fix. With previous work including Harry Potter, costume designer Judianna Makovsky certainly has experience in bringing difficult costumes to life! Fans waiting in line to see their favourite characters adapted for the silver screen won't be disappointed with the 300+ detailed costumes created for the film, from Effie Trinket's elaborate Capitol garments, to the blue outfits worn to The Reaping, which were influenced by the Great Depression. Clothing and style play such a huge role within The Hunger Game politics, and its looks as through Judianna understood perfectly, calling upon designers like Alexander McQueen to help bring the appearance-obsessed Capitol citizens to life.

Below we've put together two lots of accessories for someone a little more worthy - protaganist and resident of Panem, Katniss Everdeen. Portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss experiences a number of wardrobe changes, from the impoverished fashion in District 12, to her flamboyant wardrobe for her persona as 'the girl on fire', and finally her comfortable, functional games clothing. These accessories are guaranteed to win you some sponsors, whether you're heading to the cinema or on a night out in the Capitol - just think of me as your assigned stylist!


  • Waxed cotton holdall bag £279.95 by Barbour
  • Small arrow charm necklace £5.00 from Urban Outfitters
  • Gold buckle leather belt £15.00 from Oasis
  • Narcissa lace up boots by Caterpillar £70.00 from Office
  • Vintage style bird hair clips $17.95 from Etsy
  • Set of 10 black hair elastics £1.50 from H&M


  • Paraty medium shoulder bag £1215 by Chloe
  • Zora lacquered wedges £400 by Isabel Marant
  • Agate printed iPhone 4 case £33 by Weston
  • Winston rhodium-plated Swarovski crystal earrings £330 by Roberto Cavalli
  • Round-frame acetate sunglasses £215 by Prada
  • Black and orange hair clips £1.50 from H&M