Warehouse Scatter butterfly scarf.jpgWe might be predicted to have snow this weekend, but I'm looking forward to slightly warmer times - spring. It's a time when we can really embrace those pastels and softer fabrics. Which means our choice of accessories get softer too.

This butterfly scarf is perfect, both in texture and print. The understated pattern is versatile and subtle enough to go with most of the rest of your wardrobe, and the cream background is flattering to all skin types (frankly, we all need some flattering colours after the harsh, vitamin D lacking months of winter.

Throw it around your neck and pair with jeans, a cute blouse and a tan leather jacket for a casual daytime look. Throw your hair up in a bun and wrap the scarf around your hair to hide a less than good hair day, or loop around your bag to brighten up a dull winter bag.

The Multi Scatter Butterfly Print Scarf is from Warehouse, and costs £22.