Scrunchie image.jpgSo, it's finally happened people. The scrunchie is back. I guess it was inevitable really, with the 80s constantly being an inspiration in the fashion world. We've had the leggings,  baggy t-shirts, alice bands and jumpsuits. It was the next logical step really.

You're all cringing at painful day-glo and perm-related memories now, aren't you? Or are you looking forward to throwing your hair up in a swishy scrunchied ponytail? For me, it's just one step too far. If we let the scrunchies return, we'll have to let bum bags back...

ASOS aren't actually calling this a scrunchie. They're calling it a 'LTD Spot Net Pom Pom Stetch Hairband'. 

Yup. It's a scrunchie with pom poms inside. Somewhere in the world, a fashion fairy just dropped down dead.

So, are you welcoming the scrunchie back with open arms? Or wondering when ASOS started stocking accessories for kids?