Judith-Leiber-Cupcake-Clutch.jpgPerhaps one of the most extravagant accessories in history, Judith Leiber's cupcake bag is a symbol of luxury and excess. Like the sickly treat on which it is modelled, the bag is packed full of over-the-top, indulgent ingredients - and it's been known to invoke feelings of serious remorse in those who couldn't resist having one...

And now, shoppers in London will be subject to that same, terrible temptation. Previously in short supply and sold out everywhere, the cupcake clutch has popped up at Harrods, where it will be sold at a terrifying £3,899.

It's a true icon, having appeared at a pivotal point in the first Sex and the City movie - but would you be tempted to cave? Personally, I think I'd prefer to wander into the food hall and pick up an edible one for a fraction of the price!

£3,899 at Harrods

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