polo_classic.jpgFor a while, designer handbags seemed to be getting steadily bigger with every collection. We thought it was fortunate that the trend appeared to have been nipped in the bud a few seasons back, as we'd be walking around with holdalls bigger than ourselves if the trend were to continue unchecked...

Donna Karan
, however, likes her accessories larger than life and in this picture taken at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic event in the Hamptons, she shows just how much impact oversized accessories can bring. Here she is surrounded by such luminaries as Julianna Margulies, Naomi Watts, Wyclef Jean, Hugh Jackman and Isla Fisher -- yet its her giant handbag, sun hat and bangles that draw the eye.

If big bags are your bag, you're spoilt for choice this season. While you may not want to go as OTT as DK did, a large-sized bag is not only trendy, it's practical and (some would say) flattering too: big bags are slimming! Well so the theory goes anyway. I am currently keen on Jaeger's oversized Olympia bag and Mulberry's new Taylor bag looks particularly great when blown up big.