tabitha-handbags1.jpgHere at the Bag Lady we have a real soft spot for Tabitha after discovering their lovely leather accessories at London Fashion Weekend many moons ago. Their styles are always in keeping with current trends, but with an independent spirit that makes their bags unique. Their current crop of styles, available to buy on the website now or in the near future, really live up to the label's usual flair; here are a few of our favourite pieces.


The eye-catching purse pictured above grabbed our attention with its lovely giant-scale woven detailing and metallic accents. We love the heavy, shiny gold-coloured hardware. Elsewhere, with the many variations on the studded hobo, there's bound to be an everyday bag for everyone, and in the evening-wear section,  the layered clutch bag pictured below make for a gorgeous, textural luxury feel.


Designer Tabitha Somerset Webb has clearly put a lot of energy into the new range, which she says encapsulates "everything that is fun, naughty and cool about being a girl". She's also collaborating with Dannii Minogue on the launch of an exciting new fashion brand 'Project D' which launched this summer.

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