nicky-hilton-philip-lim2.jpgNicky Hilton's been flashing her Philip Lim Edie bag at us while "out and about" in Beverley Hills this week, and if you like it enough to save for the real thing, it'll cost you a tidy £530 at Net-a-Porter. It's an instantly-recognisable and classic style, with some gorgeous design features, like that wide, comfy shoulder strap and next season's essential star-shaped studs.

But the Edie's distinctiveness has given rise to some pretty convincing copies, including this one called a 'Krissy' at Misguided Fashions, which is priced at £227. If you like the look but don't want to be a total copy cat, this bag from Redherring, which its oversized bow and studs, is a handy homage, and a steal at only £25.

Get the Look:

Philip Lim 'Edie', £530 at Net-a-Porter
Misguided Fashions 'Krissy', £227 here
Redherring studded bow slouch bag, £25 at Debenhams