choo-zulu.jpgJimmy Choo has ditched his day-glow bright for the time being, and turned his talent back to serious, hard-edged glamour with subtle, military accents. In the case of the 'Zulu' studded leather clutch we think this is no bad thing, and we love the dizzyingly precise way that studs have been applied, dotted all over the bag's tiny leather folds. The 'frill and stud' design is echoed in several other bags, including a larger top-handle bag available in black or tan.

Choo's pre-fall collection is already online, and the range is definitely worth a look if you're a fan of the brand. There's some gorgeous stuff here, and like the Zulu, it all has a toughness to it that's disguised behind uber soft calf leather and playful design.

£575 at Jimmy Choo