Launching her jewellery line House of Harlow 1960 at Kitson boutique in Los Angeles over the weekend, Nicole Richie looked like she was having a slight case of jewellery overload. Bracelets packed up both her arms, rings were piled on multiple fingers, several necklaces were layered on and she even topped it all off with a Cleopatra-like headdress (the headpieces in the collection are apparently her favourites). I get that she's promoting, but that's still a lotta bling.

I loved the multi-coloured pyramid bracelets when the first images were released, and I'm still loving them now - you can just see them pushed up high on her right arm. And I must admit I am a fan of the headpiece too... though not sure I could pull it off half as well as Nicole!

[Images: / via FabSugar]