- Hi, I bought a cotton handbag a little over a year ago at a London TopShop, with a label called "What Kate Did Next...". Nothing fancy, just an adorable birds-on-the-wire print with a leather shoulder strap. I absolutely love this bag, though, and since it's sadly on its last limbs, I was hoping to replace it with something similar by the same label. I've not been able to find anything by this line since, though. Do you know where I might find it, or if the label even still exists? I've looked everywhere! Thanks a million. - Chris

Hi Chris, there is a lingerie label called What Katie Did, which has in the past been stocked at Topshop (not to be confused with the Kate Moss 'What Katie Did' line though), so perhaps that is why you have had trouble locating it? I found the brand's website and by the looks of it, they stock only one cotton tote right now: this cute pin-up girl one, pictured above.

However, I know you were keen to find something similar to the one you already have, so have managed to locate another birds-on-wire tote by Yak Pak from an online store called Quarter Moon Imports. Perhaps shoot them off an email to work out whether they are in stock, whether they ship to your location etc etc. Otherwise I can recommend visiting our Shoppers/Totes section to see if you can find another style you like. Good luck!

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