Ray Ban Wayfarers were the sunnies of choice for many a starlet last year (and the year before, in fact.) But just as they felt like they might lose momentum, Ray Ban has brought out candy-coloured and two-tone versions which have been seen on everyone from Paris to Sienna and Lily to Rachel B over the past few months.

Of course, the high-street is already well ahead of the play, and have a number of retro styles available in vibrant shades. By the same token, hot designer labels are taking their inspiration from days of yore: queen-of-cool Karen Walker has her own style 'Deep Freeze' frames and equally cool-cats Ksubi have also done a few different styles.

Of course, there is no real substitute for the originals!

See below the jump for product details.

1. Urban Outfitters Buddy Holly Sunglasses, £15
2. Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunglasses from, A$279
3. Jeepers Peepers Teddy Sunglasses from, £12
4. Topshop Contrast Lens Sunglasses, £15
5. Ksubi Milka Sunglasses from, £89.10