Being a girl that really like skinny jeans and accessories, I hardly ever leave the house without my handbag. Skinny jeans are not forgiving enough to allow pocket space and I feel accessories are as key to an outfit as your underwear; you can go out without it but you'll end up looking a bit naked.

However, there have been incidents when I have left without so much as a set of keys and a mobile phone and it is the weirdest feeling. It's like that horrible feeling when you know you've forgotten something but you don't know what it is. Except, you haven't forgotten anything that you actually need, you just don't have your handbag aka your security blanket.

If I actually study the things that I carry round with me on a daily basis, very few of them are essentials most are just-in-case. So when I read a article stating that the most stylish way to travel was without a bag (a la Anna Wintour) I had to wonder how people did it. What if you need vaseline lip balm? or a memory stick? or five different shades of lip gloss? or several different kinds of medication? How does Wintour cope?!

I'm sure she has an entourage for this kind of thing, and a PA to carry her essentials. Maybe that's the choice, a handbag or a PA? I know which one is cheaper and probably causes less hassle!