Lucky sods, two Top 100 Bags of 2006 posts for today! Ok, it's because I've been lazy the past few days and haven't put any up, very sorry! You may remember these Dior 'Rebel' bags from June this year, they've been really quite popular since their launch, and even inspired a Matalan bag later on. Hopefully that doesn't mean they're past their prime, but being placed at number 75 on our annual list is surely a worthwhile feat! Take a look under the jump for some more beauties.


We've written about these clutches from Domakaya several times now, that's how enamoured we are by them. They're knitted, which instantly wins them big brownie points with The Bag Lady as we're quite obviously huge fans of the yarn. These clutches truly deserve spot number 75.


Number 74 is what has been described as a bag with buttocks, (or boobs), but I think it's brilliant! To me it looks like two hamburgers stuck on the front, not a pair of bumcheeks - get your minds out of the gutter, readers! 'Bianca' of course comes from Botkier, and is priced at around $595.