Owls have been featuring heavily on the High Street for a while now, and while it's probably down to a designer's influence, I prefer to think that it all started with Harry Potter! There have been some fantastic offerings from a range of designers and stores lately, so I thought I'd showcase the best owl pendants, just for you! There are quite a few, too - enough to fill an owlery, perhaps?

To get the look, keep reading after the cut...

From top left-to-right:
'The Owl' gold pendant necklace, £17.25 at Treasure Box; Silver owl necklace, £20 at Urban Outfitters; White 'Betsy the Owl' necklace by Frozen Peas, £17.50; Fiona And Luke vintage owl necklace, £12 at ASOS; Green felt owl necklace by Addie Pearl, £8.00; Jewelled owl necklace, £20 at Urban Outfitters; 'Little Owl' pendants in blue or black, £15 at Hannah Zakari; Brown 'Yakini' beaded necklace, $12.99 at Go Jane; Black jewelled 'Annakiya' necklace, $5.99 at Go Jane; Vintage brass owl necklace, $30 at Shop Intuition.

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