Lv11Step far, far away from that graffiti bag. It's too new too be vintage, too old to be current. Put the multicoloured monogram at the back of the wardrobe and leave it to Jessica Simpson. Keep last year's blue alma for emergencies only. There are new Louis Vuitton bags in town. And it's all about denim, glitter, interesting fabrics and luxury trims. Get ready to raid those savings, because here's my top ten Louis Vuitton bags for this season...

Speedy Denim - the latest LV 'it' bag, as toted by Uma Thurman in the recent advertising campaign.

Neo Deauville pm monogram cerises lezard - Takashi Murakami's back, this time with a cherry print

Neo Speedy Denim Alligator - for those who aren't happy with the 'regular' denim speedy, here's the deluxe version.

Seau Monogram Pastel Glitter - A great bucket bag in one of the season's big 'it' colours.

Pleaty Denim - for when they sell out of Speedy. The first image on this post is the alligator version of this bag.

Sac Fermoir Monogram Pastel Glitter GM - LV's take on the metallic trend, a silver glitter logo print.

Sac Fermoir PM Alligator - It's a season of odd proportions, and this is the perfect Alice in Wonderland bag.

Cabas Monogram Pastel Glitter - coming to a Paris Hilton near you soon.

Sac Monogram Crotchet PM - Cute crotcheted LV's. Just try not to pull a thread!

And finally, Cabas Monogram Eponge - for people with more money than sense (and taste).

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