Mubags Let me share with you a less-than-secret bit of information. I love make-up. In fact, I have three vanity cases full of it, and that's only the stuff I use. There's extra drawers stocked with the stuff I just hoard. I'm aware of the rules, that you should chuck it after 6-12 months (3 for mascara), and keep only what you use, streamline your beauty regine..all that rubbish. But I have a hard time letting go. Because of this, I've become a bit of a pro at finding make-up bags. Here's my rundown of the best, with something to suit everyone, whether you're a gloss and go girl, or a 'I won't answer the door until I've done my entire face' diva.

Sephora Signature Clear Make-Up Bag $4
Don't overlook the classics. Pro's use clear make-up bags so they can see what's in each bag without having to fish around. The plastic is wipe-clean and makes the bag water resistant. Low-maintenance girls will just need one for their whole kit, but at only $4 each, people with as much make-up as me can buy loads and organise their cosmetics by colour, function, texture or brand for easy access!

ZPM Weekender (shown in 'Drama Queen', 'Stylish Girls' and 'Bikini') £36.75
Celebs love ZPM for their gorgeous prints and practical shapes. The best bag is the weekender, a roll-up bag with a built-in hanger that's perfect for cosmetics junkies like me. Take it on holiday and hook it over the shower rail (or bathroom door) for easy access. It's big enough to hold make-up and shampoo, conditioner and SPF 25!

Paul & Joe Pouch 1 $62
The perfect travel case for organised, mid-maintenance girls. This bag is big enough to hold the essentials and has enough pockets to organise them neatly. It's also created especially to hold Paul & Joe's complete set of brushes, and if you're going to splash out on anything, make it the tools. Well-applied cheap make-up looks much better than messily applied expensive make-up!

Boots Pink Blossom Beauty Bag £11
A great budget buy, this classic shape is big enough to hold a medium sized kit and it looks good on your dressing table. It's a good keep-at-home bag for all your bits and bobs, but it doubles as a practical holiday cosmetic bag. If you're very sneaky, the print is pretty enough that it could double as a handbag (just keep it fastened!)

Diane Von Furstenberg Beauty Vanity Bag $110
Ridiculously expensive, but taking this away with you is like carrying your own fold-out dressing table. In fact, it's great for home use when you don't have much space, too. The bag unfolds to become a flat surface with a good-sized mirror. There's also removable cosmetics bag (so you can tote the essentials during the day for touch-ups) and hidden pockets,  all covered in the signature DVF print.

Stephanie Johnson Lucy Velcro Tab Bag $46
Managing to stay small, but with enough pockets and pouches to store all your bits, this is a great travel bag for holidays and trips away. The inside is clear plastic so you can easily see what you're looking for, there's brush storage and a flat pocked (good for compacts, bronzer and so on) and a decent size mid section for bigger bottles and tubes.

Lulu Guinness Fishnet Vanity Case £45
The ultimate status face case! This is definitely one for the Shoewawa fans out there. The Lulu Guinness vanity case is a classic design. The inside has elasticated pockets to keep small things safe, and a deep, roomy main section big enough to be able to keep things like foundation bottles upright. There's also a removable mirror in a matching print - great for daily touch-ups.

MAC Cosmetics Classic Make-up Case 1.6 (buy in stores)
MAC know cosmetics, and their classic make-up case is a covetable piece of kit if you're serious about make-up. It's smaller than some of the huge train cases, but it's big enough to hold most people's make-up collection. It's made of hard-wearing plastic and has three telescopic trays inside to organise your eyeshadows, lipsticks and so on, and a big section for larger products.

ClippyKit Jumbo Washbag and Make-up Bag £22 / £12.50
ClippyKit bags are great if you hate the prints on other make-up bags and wish you could design your own. They have plastic pockets in them that allow you to create your own design by slipping in photographs, images you've cut from magazines, or whatever trinkets and bits and bobs you feel like. The jumbo washbag has 12 pockets, the mini make-up bag has 4.

Sephora Metro Train Case $90
This is it, the ultimate make-up case! If you've got as much make-up as I have, you need one of these babies! This monster of a train case has a four tier fold-out tray, a huge base section for bottles and tubes, a lock and key to keep your kit safe, and a shoulder strap (if you can lift it!). Obviously, this isn't for holidays or weekends away, but if you want to organise your stuff at home, this is what you need.